Saffie Rose Roussos' Mother Fights For Her Life

The youngest victim of the Manchester Terror Bombing, Saffie Rose Roussos, 8 was attending the Adriana Grande concert with her parents. A less known fact is that her mother, Lisa Roussos, was caught in the terrible explosion as well.  She's currently fighting for her life in a nearby hospital, unaware that her youngest daughter has lost her life in the explosion.  

Truly heart wrenching details came out about Saffie's final moments before being taken away in an ambulance, only to die later that night.  A fork lift driver, Paul Reid, that was attending to victims in the wake of the blast heroically tried to keep Saffie from loosing consciousness and did his best to comfort her as he waited for an emergency vehicle to take her to a hospital.

Paul believes her suicide bomber Abedi "cannot be classed as a human being".

He said: "He deliberately targeted a concert where he knew children and young teenagers would be. He was a monster - 110% a monster."

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