Merkel Hit with Tomato During Campaign Rally in Germany

An investigation is underway in Germany this week after anti-immigration protesters hurled tomatoes at German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a campaign event in southern Germany.

Police said at least two tomatoes were thrown at Merkel during her speech at a campaign rally Tuesday, with one hitting her left hip, leaving a stain on her signature jacket, and another one hitting the event’s moderator, Germany’s DPA news agency reported.

The rowdy demonstration occurred during Merkel’s first campaign stop of the day, a 40-minute rally in a small university town that attracted about 3,000 people, Bloomberg News reported.

Merkel is seeking to win a fourth term in the Sept. 24 parliamentary elections, where her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party is expected to win, the latest polling suggests.

A small group of instigators blew whistles and shouted at Merkel during her speech -– protesting Merkel’s policy of open borders that led to the arrival of at least 1 million unvetted migrants into the country.

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