ISIS Vows Bloody Finale THIS WEEKEND to End Ramadan

The terror group's hijacking of the holy month has left at least 300 people dead in a 30-day slaughtering rampage across the globe.

But as Ramadan draws to a close today, ISIS has warned it plans to mark its close with calls for a 'final push' of terror attacks across the West to "liquify blood".

And with high profile events across Britain this weekend including Glastonbury Festival, Royal Ascot and Armed Forces Day, cops are on high alert.

In a chilling message to ISIS 'fighters and lone wolves' posted just last night, pro-Islamic State Nashir News Agency warned: "O crusaders, your governments are the cause of your bleeding.

"Your blood will be liquified in your streets on the hands of the Islamic State caliphate soldiers (SO EXPECT US).”is

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