ISIS Uses Woman with Baby as Suicide Bomb in Mosul

CHILLING pictures are believed to show a female ISIS fighter clutching a baby moments before detonating her suicide vest.

The shocking images were captured by an Iraqi TV station moments before the suspected suicide bomber killed herself and the baby in an attack targeting Iraqi troops in Mosul, The Telegraph reports.

She can be seen holding her handbag and what appears to be a trigger in one hand, while cradling the tot in the other.

A cameraman for al-Mawsleya TV reportedly told The Telegraph the woman tried to detonate the vest near some soldiers, but it only went off once she had walked away.

The station didn’t realize it had caught her on camera until they analyzed footage later.

The Sun Online has not been able to independently verify the identity of the woman.

The bomber and the baby were said to have died in the blast, while two soldiers and several civilians were injured.

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