Clashes at Swedish Neo-Nazi Rally

A rally of neo-Nazis in Sweden has ended in clashes with both anti-fascist counter-demonstrators and police.

The Nordic Resistance Movement (NMR) group had planned a march through the city of Gothenburg on Saturday.

Scuffles broke out between police and the shield-carrying NMR group when, police said, members attempted to deviate from the agreed route.

Dozens of people have been arrested, including the group's leader, Swedish media reported. Counter-demonstrators are also believed to be among those detained.

Several hundred neo-Nazis gathered in Gothenburg for the rally, along with a large group of counter-protesters who lined the route.

Some Swedish media outlets reported that the scuffles broke out after stones were thrown by counter-protesters, prompting the attempt by NMR members to break police lines. Police used vehicles and mounted units to contain rally participants.

Officials said the permit for the demonstration expired at 3:00 p.m. local time and at least 30 people had been arrested.

The NMR, which is not banned, describes itself on its website as a "national socialist" organization, referring to the doctrine created by Adolf Hitler's Nazi party. Its goals include stopping mass migration, fighting a perceived "global Zionist elite" and creating a unified Nordic nation with other neighboring countries.

Reuters news agency said police had anticipated violence and brought in reinforcements from across Sweden for the weekend's rally, as well as adding 350 temporary jail spaces.

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