VICTORY! Department of Homeland Security Declares Antifa 'Domestic Terrorists'

After months of increased violence from the Alt-Left group Antifa, per a report from Politico, the Department of Homeland Security has finally stepped up to the plate, and is now calling these thugs exactly what they are: domestic terrorists.

This has been a long time coming; for over a year, Antifa has used brutal violence against peaceful Trump supporters at rallies and meetings, resulting in a number of serious injuries.

In the past few months alone, Antifa has upped their levels of violence to shocking levels, including beating, clubbing, stabbing, and throwing acid in the eyes of anyone they deem to be a “fascist,” which is basically anyone who’s a conservative.

The violent domestic terrorist thugs have plagued the country recently, using ISIS-like tactics (right down to the way they dress) to spread violence and chaos at every given opportunity.

President Trump’s supporters have demanded that this vicious group of sadistic punks be called out and stopped, and he has heard us- Trump called Antifa out, by name, for the first time at a recent rally in Arizona.

In fact, Antifa has gotten so violent lately, that even their biggest “protectors” on the left, such as Nancy Pelosi, were forced to publicly disavow them, with Paul Ryan (Antifa’s champion on the right) following suit shortly afterward.

Now, Antifa has been put on the defensive, and it is highly doubtful that they will back off their savage violence; this will inevitably lead to their downfall, which couldn’t come soon enough.

This Alt-Left terrorist group has done so much harm to good Americans, and it’s great to see them finally being called out and targeted by law enforcement as the terrorists they are!

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