UNLV Professor Tells Class Donald Trump Is To Blame For Vegas Mass Shooter

A University of Nevada, Las Vegas history professor is in hot water after telling her senior students that Donald Trump was to blame for the mass shooting that rocked Vegas just over a week ago.

Professor Tess Winkelmann was speaking to her History 407 class, according to Campus Reform, when she meandered off into political territory and claimed that she "predicted" that people would die in Donald Trump's administration, and accusing the president of facilitating the attack that killed 58 and wounded hundreds more.


The audio is a little unclear on the video, but Winkelmann can be heard saying:

When he got elected, I told my classes three semesters ago, some of us won’t be affected by this presidency, but others are going to die. Other people will die because of this.

I don’t know whether these events would have inevitably happened whether or not he got elected, but he has the same rhetorical powers every president has, to encourage or discourage. So far, all he has done is to encourage violence.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says they don't yet know what motivated high-stakes gambler Stephen Paddock to fill a room at the Mandalay Bay Hotel And Casino with guns, ammunition, and the makings for an explosive devices. According to authorities, however, it's not clear Paddock had any political or religious affilations of any kind.

As for Donald Trump well, unless he's secretly adept at forcing others to bend to his will across thousands of miles, it's definitely not clear that the shooting is, in any way, connected to the president — or the result of his election.

The UNLV College Republicans issued a statement Monday, calling Winkelmann's comments disappointing.

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