Trump's Texas Trip: As Critics Carp, He Looks to be in Charge

Donald Trump did what a president is supposed to do yesterday, visiting Corpus Christi for a briefing on hurricane relief efforts, talking up Texas and praising those on the front lines of the catastrophic flooding.

As a levee was breached, reservoirs overflowed and Harvey dumped more rain on the battered Houston region, the president and his FEMA director demonstrated that the feds are coordinating with state and local officials in trying to aid the tens of thousands of displaced residents. He even got up on a ladder between two fire trucks and told a crowd that “we are here to take care of you." In other words, he did his job.

That shouldn’t be surprising, especially since Trump has had to deal with water damage as a real estate developer who grew up helping to manage his father’s New York apartment buildings. But the New York Times said that while he has “a chance to reclaim the presidential high ground…many of those in the president’s orbit are worried Mr. Trump will not be self-controlled enough to maximize the moment.”

Even as Texans were being rescued by boats and helicopters, Twitter obsessed on Melania Trump, who walked with her husband to Marine One wearing stilettos. While an image consultant might have advised otherwise, she emerged in Texas in tennis shoes and a ballcap. That this is even worthy of attention while much of Houston is underwater shows the unyielding disdain that some critics have for the first couple.

Earlier, the president responded to criticism from one of his allies on “Fox & Friends”—on a subject that goes to the heart of the way he runs the government.

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