Murdered Model Was Scalped, Drained of Blood, Autopsy Shows

An autopsy shows that a model who Los Angeles cops say was tortured and killed by her boyfriend was scalped, had portions of her face torn off and had been drained of all her blood.

Iana Kasian, 30, was found dead in a West Hollywood apartment in May 2016.

Her boyfriend, Blake Leibel, 36, the son of a wealthy Canadian tycoon, has been charged with her murder and could face the death penalty if convicted. He has pleaded not guilty.

Detectives found Kasian lying next to her 2-month-old baby who was not hurt.

The autopsy report revealing the grisly details was released Wednesday, KABC-TVreported.

The report shows there was also an injury to Kasian’s jaw that appeared to be human bite marks, the station reported.

Leibel worked as a writer and director and created a graphic novel that follows a mad doctor's attempt to isolate the root of evil and cure it in a remorseless serial killer.

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