Hillary Clinton FINALLY Reassures America That She Won't Run For President Again

Hillary Clinton says she much prefers being Donald Trump's "shadow President," and claims that, despite mulling it over in the wake of her 2016 election loss, she definitely, most certainly, absolutely will not run for President for a third time.


Speaking to BBC Radio, Clinton dispelled rumors that she'd be willing to take a second go at President Donald Trump, even though he said earlier this week that he'd "love" to see her challenge him in the mid-term elections.

"No, I'm not going to run again," she said.

She continued, "I think I'm in a position where my voice will actually be magnified because I am not running (for office), and there's a very good basis, as we watch Trump's support shrink, that people will say, 'Well, what she said was right and now where do we go from here?'"

The unfortunate problem for Hillary is, of course, that her "voice" is in the wilderness, much like she was for weeks following her loss to Donald Trump. She can "speak out" on social media, or deliver stinging remarks in foreign countries as Trump negotiates the realities of day-to-day life as Commander-in-Chief, but her advice and counsel doesn't matter much to a president who derives sadistic pleasure from reminding her that she's on the outside looking in.

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