Woman Calls 911 and Inadvertently Goes Viral on Social Media

When Felicia Nevins called 911 to have them assist her with a potentially explosive device, she never though this was going to happen.  Her and her husband have been trying to conceive a child for three years now. They decided to try artificial insemination something she had yet to tell her own family about. Thanks to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office and their Facebook account, now everyone knows.

The posting about the mishap Felicia had while trying to store sperm in a thermos with dry ice went viral. She accidentally forget to remove a rubber O-ring, causing the pressure to build up inside. The container could have exploded.

Nevins said she called the Sheriff's Office non-emergency line for help at 6 p.m. Wednesday. A deputy and firefighters arrived, she said, took the thermos away and safely opened it. They were kind, she said, and left without telling her nosy neighbors what happened.

"The officer told them it was a private matter," Nevins said, "and he treated it as a private matter."

The Sheriff's Office, she complained, did not. The agency on Thursday posted a short explanation of what happened on its Facebook page using a stock photo of a woman with a disgusted expression.

The post didn't use Nevins' name, but she said there were enough details including her age, location and time of the incident for reporters and curious citizens to figure out who she was by searching public records.



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