Playground Slide Explodes, Burning 9-Year-Old Boy

A young Wisconsin boy was injured last week after a slide he was riding bubbled up and exploded. Giuseppe Storniolo, 9, was at the Reservoir Park in West Allis, a Milwaukee suburb, with his parents, sister and brother when the incident occurred, according to WTMJ.

"I just heard like a big explosion so I thought maybe something fell," Storniolo’s mother, Diana told the news station. She ran over to the playground to see what happened and saw her injured son near the distorted slide.

The slide exploded when a hole was created at the bottom of it causing it to bubble up. Storniolo just so happened to be on the slide when it burst.

“It was like the slide had almost been inflated,” Dan Devine, mayor of West Allis, said. “It just opened up, bubbled.”

The young boy suffered second-degree burns on his leg due to the incident, his mother said. Devine said the city took action immediately by closing the slide then taking it down completely.

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