North Carolina Boat Explodes After Gas Was Pumped Into Fishing Rod Holder

A boat exploded at a dock on the North Carolina coast, injuring three, after the boaters accidentally pumped 28 gallons of gasoline into a fishing rod holder instead of the fuel tank.

The three people hospitalized are the boat's owner, David Martin Jr., 40, of Charlotte; passenger Jonathan Bickett, 35, of Charlotte; and Kendrick Schwarz, 24, of Brunswick County. Schwarz worked for Sea Tow, a towing service called after the two realized the mistake.

As battery cables were being disconnected in an effort to prevent a spark, a spark occurred anyway, igniting the fuel.

Martin and Bickett were airlifted to a Chapel Hill hospital. An ambulance took Schwarz to a hospital in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with minor burns.

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