Enormous Sea Creature Found Decomposing On Indonesian Beach

A bizarre looking, monstrous sea creature washed up on the shores of an Indonesian beach earlier this week, drawing swarms of locals and scientists who wanted to witness the behemoth in person. A resident named Asrul Tuanakota, 37, stumbled upon it in the darkness and initially thought the immense object was a stranded boat.

The bloated corpse, around 50 feet long, was found on Hulung Beach on Serum Island in Indonesia's Maluku province, according to the Jakarta Globe. It's believed to have been there for at least three days before being found.

Pictures show the monstrous creature's discolored body lying in shallow water on the island, turning the surrounding ocean red. And the creature has begun to reek: residents asked the government to step in to remove the remains before the stench becomes unbearable.

While it's unclear exactly what the creature is, suggestions range from being a giant squid to a humpback whale. Scientists descended on the area to take samples of the body in an attempt to officially identify it.

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