Bridge Jumper Seriously Injures Idaho Teen Floating in River

An Idaho teen was seriously injured after a large adult man jumped from a bridge and landed directly on her stomach while she was floating in a river.

Cienna Cook, 19, was enjoying the water Sunday when a 250-pound man leaped and fell feet-first on her abdomen in the Boise River, news station KBOI reported.

“Imagine the worst punch in the gut you ever got by a guy who was falling from a distance of maybe twenty feet who was 250 pounds,” her mom Heidi Cook told KBOI.

Her family said the jumper apologized, but then fled and left the 19-year-old college student unable to move in the water.

Bystanders rushed to pull the teen to shore and she was brought to a local hospital, where she was treated for internal bleeding.

The teen’s mom said that they believe that the jumper, whose identity is unknown, was trying to intentionally hurt her for a “cheap thrill.”

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