Accused Florida Drug Dealer Hides $1,000 in Rectum

Florida police arrested a man following a traffic stop when they found he was carrying an assortment of drugs and a large amount of money. But the biggest surprise came when they got back to the station and found the cash had disappeared but $20 bills were falling from his rectum.

A Marion County deputy pulled over Pattreon Stokes, 26, for speeding in the early hours of the morning Saturday, cops said in a Facebook post. During the stop, the officer smelled marijuana and upon searching the car, he found methamphetamine, rock cocaine and heroin. A scale was also recovered from the vehicle.

Police said he was carrying a “small amount of marijuana and a large amount of currency on his person.” They arrested Stokes and brought him to Marion County Jail.

But when they got there, cops said the money they found earlier was gone. Stokes claimed that deputies had already collected it, but “this was certainly not true,” police wrote in the post.

“Detention deputies then noticed something quite unusual...” the post reads. “They observed $20.00 bills falling from Stokes’ buttocks area.”

In a process cops called “necessary but undesirable” for everyone involved, they found $1,090.00 in U.S. currency hidden in Stokes’ rectum.

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