Pro-Gun Legislation: Second Amendment Guarantee Act Introduced

Congressman Chris Collins hosted press conferences in Rochester and Hamburg on Monday to tout newly-sponsored legislation that the Republican says would essentially repeal the SAFE Act on a federal level.

The proposed law, called the Second Amendment Guarantee Act, would restrict the power states have to regulate and tax shotguns or rifles.

"I haven't had a speeding ticket in 30 years," says gun owner Jim Waterman. "And I'm worried about if I'm going to be a felon because I have the wrong handle on my gun. Very confusing and very scary."

"Governor, you are on notice," said Rep. Collins. "We are going to repeal and to declare null and void your SAFE Act with related to shotguns and rifles."

Congressman Collins went after Governor Andrew Cuomo as he promoted his "Second Amendment Guarantee" or SAGA Act which was introduced in Washington on Friday. The bill prohibits the states from going beyond federal restrictions on rifles and shotguns, which would overrule the SAFE Acts limits on what gun control advocates call "assault weapons".

"When you go to Albany, when you go to New York City, they have a very different view on gun ownership," says Sen. Rob Ortt. "Many of them equate guns with crime. We equate the Second Amendment with freedom."

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