Hillary Clinton’s Book Release Has Dems Worried, Irritated

Democrats are on edge over Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming book that is likely to dredge up the controversies surrounding her 2016 defeat to President Trump, just as the out-of-power party is trying to "move on" and chart a course back to the majority.

The former secretary of state, U.S. senator and first lady who added Democratic presidential nominee to her resume last year apparently isn’t done with public life. She plans to release her book, “What Happened,” next month and reportedly will focus the memoir in part on the role that Moscow’s meddling and former FBI Director Comey’s public statements about her email investigation played in her defeat.

But Bloomberg reports that Democrats are privately concerned that Clinton’s book will help Trump, by fueling his case that Democrats are going after him because they’re bitter.

The feeling in the party was captured by Sen. Al Franken’s comment in June that she and the party have to “move on” from her shock loss.

Other prominent Democrats also have needled Clinton for her post-defeat comments.

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