NY Democrats Beg Trump to Save Them From The Disaster They Created at Penn

Democrats are at it again.  NY City is rotting under the leadership of democrats Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo. In under 4 years the dynamic dou have taken a once proud city and transformed it in to cesspool with the fragrance of urine. Indications of the collapse due to the corruption of these two are many: increasing crime rates, homeless on virtually every sidewalk, and feces and urine smells in pretty much all public areas of the city. And now they are begging for the top Republican to come save them and bring boat loads of cash from taxpayers, not just those of NY, but all the rest of the country (see Governor Cuomo's urgent letter to President Trump here).

These are the same two who have spent tons of cash vilifying NY's legal gun owners by passing the SAFE act latterly in the dead of night and funding databases gun owners and ammunition purchasers (of course the projects were mismanaged and failed).  This law has effectively turned average everyday US citizens who just happen to own a gun in to criminals. They have also passed the "NY State Liberty Act" which effectively turns NY State in to a Sanctuary State in while state law enforcement will not report on immigration status on individuals involved in accidents and honor federal immigration laws and related requests (detainers) if they aren't issued by a judge. 

State Democrats including Cuomo and de Blasio were also responsible for the "New York State DREAM Act" which gives free tuition to illegal immigrants and also allows them to participate in college tuition savings accounts. Already, Jeff Sessions is involved with bailing out Long Island from the clutches of the ultra violent MS-13 gangs which have been increasing in size during Andrew Cuomo's administration. Cuomo is the same guy that started the Moreland Commission to look in to NY corruption and then promptly disbanded it when it all started pointing back to him.

They are asking for yet more money from the Federal Government which in turn receives their money from US Tax Payers. What's more, they are asking for it in order to fix the critical infrastructure they have ignored using funds they have been collecting from tax paying New Yorkers to fund and enhance the life style of illegal aliens. In addition, the corruption they have allowed to fester in both Amtrak and the MTA is simply unbelievable. Prices to ride on the LIRR have been increasing by leaps and bounds.

Governor Cuomo ends his letter pleading for Trump's assistance with "As a New Yorker, I think you know the severity of the situation and you know that if the state has the financial and operating support, we will get the job done.". Apparently, he thinks Trump is as big a fool as those that voted de Blasio in to office. Having squandered the finances of NY, they he hopes to rob the rest of the country too.