If You’re Conservative, Here’s Why Elite Liberals Hate Your Guts

In the “What’s the matter with Kansas?” era, elite liberals seemed to genuinely believe that people who didn’t vote for them were just poor, deluded saps who didn’t understand what was in their own best interest. Is that condescending? Sure, but at least it’s not hateful. At least it assumes that liberals still need to work to bring these people on board.

Does that attitude still exist? Sure, to a degree. In fact, just this week, James O’Keefe caught a CNN producer on camera saying he thinks that the American voters are “stupid as sh*t.”

This sort of thinking comes from the fact that liberalism is shot through with narcissism. Narcissists believe they’re better than everyone else just by virtue of being who they are. So do liberals. Liberals also believe they’re smarter, more compassionate and more caring just because they’re on the Left. Whether you’re talking about a liberal or a narcissist, this leads to high, but unstable self-esteem.

If you genuinely have high self-esteem, you can easily brush off challenges to your competence. When you have high, but unstable self-esteem, you become much more upset when your self-image is challenged. This can lead to anxiety, anger and lashing out as part of an effort to keep those doubts at bay. It can also lead to unchecked hatred of anyone who makes you question your value.

This tendency is amplified by the circular reasoning of liberals. Are you a better, smarter, more caring person by virtue of being liberal? Yes. Will other liberals challenge them on this? No. Will they pay attention to non-liberals who tell them that they’re not better, smarter and more caring than other people? No. So, this leads to an ironclad feedback loop. OBVIOUSLY, liberals are sensitive, wonderful and know it all and no one who matters will even question this thinking while anyone who does isn’t worth listening to in the slightest.

So, what happens when their views are REJECTED wholesale across the heartland of the country to such an extent that you can drive coast to coast without ever crossing a district run by Democrats? What happens when people point out that most of the policies they champion don’t work? What happens when people reject the idea that liberals know what’s best for them?

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