How Leakers in Washington Are Actively Trying to Destroy the Trump Administration

Since the beginning of Donald Trump’s inauguration in January there has been a relentless agenda by the Democrats on Capitol Hill to bring him and his administration crumbling down.

Negative allegations about Michal Flynn, alleged classified discussions with Russia, and FBI director James Comey’s memos all appear to stem from an internal leaker or leakers. None of these claims can be proven, however that does not stop the main stream media from reporting them as facts.

The selective leaking of information without context and validated sources can be quite damaging for any administration. The Democrats and the media use this unreliable information as a weapon against President Trump to smear his reputation and agenda.

It is highly possible the leakers are employees from the previous Obama administration — this had been referred to in the news as “the deep state”. The goal of these leakers is very clear, bring down Trump by any means necessary.

Democrats are even starting to toss around the word “impeachment” with little to no ground to stand on. Eventually these accusations will be proven false by lack of evidence, but it may be too little too late to reverse the damage that has been done.