United Airlines Is Under Fire Yet Again

United Airlines has found itself needing to apologize again after sending a French woman 3,000 miles in the wrong direction.
Lucie Bahetoukilae was recently headed from Newark, NJ to Charles de Gaulle airport in France, but United Airlines put her on a San Francisco-bound plane instead.

The airline changed the gate at the last minute and made an announcement in English, but Bahetoukilae—who only speaks French—didn’t realize and wasn’t notified by email or text. She went to the original gate where a United employee scanned her boarding pass as usual without realizing she was not meant to be on that plane. Once onboard, Bahetoukilae found someone in her seat, so she sought assistance from an attendant who checked her boarding pass and went on to move her to an empty seat rather than notice she was on the wrong flight.

Once in San Francisco, Bahetoukilae had to wait 11 hours for the airport to get her on a flight to France. She eventually made it home after more than 28 hours.

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